FIELD RECORDINGS 3 ~ a prelude

Wednesday 20 October 2021 at WORM Rotterdam

looking forward

In anticipation of our three-day event on November 12-13-14, this coming Wednesday we will screen two singular films representing two sides of the Field Recordings spectrum.

One Says No by Zhao Dayong is a compelling documentary about a family trying to defy the wrecking ball of Chinese gentrification.

In his short film South, artist and writer Morgan Quaintance traces two anti-racist and anti-authoritarian liberation movements, interlinked with his own history and biography.


20 October 2021

20:30︎22:45 hrs

Field Recordings is a platform for contemporary anthropological cinema, sound art and landscape film.

Field Recordings is committed to collective learning and intersectional methodologies, as much as we encourage debate on lesser spoken topics in cinema and anthropology.