11 November – 13 November 2022 at WORM Rotterdam

This November we will add a new chapter to Field Recordings with a program oscillating between anthropology, cinema, and art. The fourth edition features slow films, radical self-portraits, live sonic performances, and much more.

Founded in 2018, Field Recordings is a platform for screening, discussing and practicing critical forms of fieldwork - from sensory ethnographies and experimental documentaries to live sound performances and situated praxes of listening.

FIELD RECORDINGS 4 includes conversations and Q&A’s with Lana Askari, Loes Moree, and Zheng Lu Xinyuan. The program is curated and organized by Tim Leyendekker and Sander Hölsgens.

Daytickets are on sale through the WORM website. It will also be possible to buy single tickets for all programmes at the box office, 15 minutes before the screenings start. Keep in mind there will only be a limited amount available and that day tickets are the more advantageous option.

11 November 

20:00︎21:30 hrs

22:00︎23:30 hrs

Blind Cinema
curated by Lukas Simonis

  • Urban Nature Justin Bennett & students of the Institute of Sonology,  the Hague

    12 November

    14:00︎16:00 hrs

    16:30︎18:45 hrs

    • The Cloud In Her Room
      Zheng Lu Xinyuan 

    • followed by an online discussion between Lana Askari and Zheng Lu Xinyuan

    Focus program 2
    20.30︎22:30 hrs

    13 November

    11:00︎22:30 hrs