Morgan Quaintance:

I Shoved and I Dug and I Hacked Away

Wednesday September 28 2022, at WORM Rotterdam

In this edition of Field Recordings we will premiere the short film Repetitions, commissioned and supported by Field Recordings, Documenting Complexity and WORM.

It’s an audiovisual exploration of recursive patterns, a series of repeated sequences, flickering images and looping sounds. On the surface, Repetitions concentrates on inducing retinal excitement and states of anticipation, but telephone messages and speech provide a through line that speaks to physical labour, industrial work and fragile bodies.

28 September

20:30︎22:20 hrs


20:30︎22:20 hrs

  • Hera Chan moderate Q&A with Morgan

Letter from Sapporo, is a collage film that Morgan made in close collaboration with students based in Sapporo, Japan. Entirely filmed with smartphones and during an artist residency, this piece is an evocative, funny, and intimate portrait of the student’s everyday lives. In this collage film, disparate material is wedded into a compelling and coherent whole by Morgan Quaintance’s subtle editing, original music and vivid sound design.
We’re very happy that Morgan Quaintance will be present to introduce his work. Hera Chan, cultural worker living in Amsterdam by way of Hong Kong, will join us to moderate a Q&A with Morgan.